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La Cueta Alto Sil is an old traditional cottage renewed in 1997.
Since then it is used as turist accommodation.
Wood, black slate, white limestone. Our traditional original materials we use to refurbish the house.
Calm, friendly warmth and comfort define the spirit of La Cueta Alto Sil.
Pure Nature and beatiful Mountains: that is what you can find in our small village La Cueta.

Montigüeiro, Peña Orniz, Salgueiro, Cuetalbo, Lagüezos, Picos Blancos, Morteras, Sobrepena, Los Anos, El Rebezo, Ladreras.
These are the names of some of the beautiful montains which surround La Cueta.

Montigüeiro, Peña Orniz, Salgueiro, are also the names of our three exclusive rooms.
It is also possible to rent the complete house. And enjoy all the montains by yourself.




Casa Rural La Cueta Alto Sil - C/ Fosinas, 24141 La Cueta de Babia (León) 987 488 331 / 659 496 131 E-mail: follow us: facebook