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La Cueta (1470m) is the last village in the mythical region of Babia. Babia is located in the region of Castilla y León, but very near Asturias, in the north-west of Spain. One of the most beautiful places in the Cantabrian Mountains, in the province of León.The village was scarcely inhabited a long time in the 70's and the 80's of the past century. Due to this isolation the traditional architectural and landscape have been very well preserved.

Nowadays, the good communication roads allow you to arrive at La Cueta by car from León, Ponferrada or Oviedo in one hour and a quarter. The trip from Madrid lasts three and a half hours by car.

Babia was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2004. It is an additional component of the future multi-unit Gran Cantabrica Biosphere Reserve extending across the Cantabrica Mountains.

The region of Babia is also a legend valley in Spain. Here, thousands of merino sheep come every summer to the best pasture of Spain following a migration with centuries of tradition. All year long, also in the long winter, tough horses of hispano-breton race inhabit the Babia valleys. Babieca, the horse of El Cid, the Middle Age Hero, came from Babia. Horses, sheep, cows and the rancher activities had modelled a unique and amazing landscape in Babia for centuries.

Spanish Language has also a popular expression. "Estar en Babia" (to be in Babia) means not thinking about what you are doing, listening or viewing, being absent-minded, because your mind is in "another" place. The legend says that The Kings of León, in the Middle Ages, retired to rest and hunt for long periods of time. When the king came back to the court and did not want to be bothered the servant said " El Rey está en Babia" (The King is in Babia).




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